KAKA TheLabel X VFW SS22 Sponsers

With KAKA TheLabel X VFW SS22 coming to an end, we would like to acknowledge the incredible organizations and companies who have helped us get here! We could not do this without support, and we appreciate the time, energy and resources shared with us. Thank you!

Firstly, we would like to thank the Gainzer App. Their mission is to use exercise as a form of social interaction and provide the opportunity for other consumers to meet and connect on similar interests.

We would next like to thank Flyover China. The attraction is an 11 minute highly realistic cinematic flight that takes guests across China’s iconic landmarks and dramatic landscapes. Flyover China has four physical sites, located in Beijing, Xingjiang, Guizhou, and Xiamen. Check it out if you get a chance to visit these cities!

Lastly, we need to give special thanks to Abutlamb Coffee, a famous coffee brand in Hangzhou, China. They select coffee beans from Ethiopia, Columbia, Brazil and many other renowned coffee production areas globally. Every coffee bean is picked in strict accordance with the local standard, passes through control procedures, and uses the most natural processing method to show the delicate taste of moderate sourness and sweetness. Abutlamb Coffee dedicates itself to bringing a better coffee experience to everyone.